MGI Mouse Genome Browser on build GRCm38
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July 3, 2012

A number of tracks have been removed from this GBrowse instance. These tracks have been moved to our new JBrowse sequence browser. Please use that instead. The tracks that remain are updated weekly with the JBrowse load.

June 19, 2014

We are replacing our MGI GBrowse instance with GMOD's newer sequence browser... JBrowse. It incorporates a faster, more flexible platform for users as well as an active development community. In the future please visit the new browser. GBrowse will still be used in the near future but a large majority of the tracks here will be being removed.


There is an issue with searching on certain tracks. This is currently effecting the NCBI Gene, MGI Genome feature, and allele/phenotypes tracks. If searching for a specific MGI ID number use the format MGI_1234(NOT MGI:1234). This will pull up the corresponding Gene Trap Track. Likewise to search for a specific NCBI Gene ID perform the search using an underscore rather than a colon. (ie GeneID_1234 .See the examples below the search bar for vaild serch options.

Rendering Many Tracks

Please try to keep the number of tracks rendered to a reasonable number. Attempting to display more than 10 tracks will slow performance and all tracks may not load properly. If you experience track errors select fewer tracks and reload the browser.

If you have any issues or notice any bugs in our browser please let us know at the address below.

Paul Hale Jan 2013