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Examples: 2:163506808..163572910, Pik3r3, ENSMUSG00000005534, MGI_106675, GeneID_19016, OTTMUSG00000020410, NM_015733.4, *_GAP_, MG-79.
Data Source
Use of this browser is now heavily deprecated due to MGI adopting JBrowse as its main sequence browser.
While GBrowse will continue to be updated for the time being a large number of our tracks are now only
available on the new browser. You can find JBrowse here
Comments, questions, concerns please contact

MGI's Mouse Genome Browser running GBrowse version 2.54. Updated Weekly. Please note... we are phasing out GBrowse as MGI's main sequence browser in favor of JBrowse. For the most current information please visit our new browser.