MGI Mouse Genome Browser on build GRCm38
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Examples: 2:163506808..163572910, Pik3r3, ENSMUSG00000005534, MGI_106675, GeneID_19016, OTTMUSG00000020410, NM_015733.4, *_GAP_, MG-79.
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Build 38 Mouse Data
To search type your query in the box above or click on one of the provided examples.
To move to a different location in the genome highlight the region of interest in either the overview, region, or details bar.
The browser will show a maximum of 1MB in detail and zooming past this enables a density view for each track which can show entire chromosomes.
Clicking and dragging side to side will also move the display to see the flanking sequence of what is being viewed.
Track information in GFF3 format can be downloaded via the button next to each tracks label however sequence information is not available for download.

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HAVANA/VEGA Transcripts 54
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MGI's Mouse Genome Browser running GBrowse version 2.54. Last updated 04/10/2014. Any questions please refer to our Known Issues or Update Notes pages.